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Dr. James A. Robin

Chiropractic Solutions Office

Message from Dr. Robin

With active lifestyles, aches and pains happen. Take care of your back, knee, shoulder, arm or neck injuries and/or aches and pains promptly before they become chronic or debilitating. Chronic discomfort, headaches, morning stiffness, back or neck pain are treatable. You need not persevere with pain associated with computer use, office time or favorite sports activities.

In our office, chiropractic care, nutrition, therapy, exercise and massage are all utilized, enabling you to manage your lifestyle and to conquer your ills. Our new patients include all ages. Their ills include back pain, neck pain, headache, leg and arm pain, pain associated with disc disease, TMJ disorder, stress, shoulder injuries, pain associated with pregnancy, etc.

I am grateful every day for the privelege of helping others. My philosophy is such that the patient and I work cooperatively to accomplish our goals of good health. I look forward to meeting you soon.

James A. Robin, D.C.

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